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Hinterland Tattoo‚Äč

by    Dylan    V.   Eckland 

Frequently  Asked  Questions &  Pricing

Where are you located?  Coming to Oklahoma Spring 2020. Follow on instagram for updates!

What is your current rate?  $175 an hour.

Why is your rate $175 an hour?  I work very quickly. I like to be fairly compensated for my skill level, speed and concept design. I spend hours of time designing for you, as well as perfecting my craft. I use the highest quality equipment, needles and inks. You get what you pay for. When it comes to permanent body ink you deserve quality, a tattoo that will have longevity and stand the test of time. You deserve eye-popping creativity and attention to detail that will get noticed. You deserve professionalism and consideration. I'm here to provide all of that and more. 

Most clients say I'm very light handed, which is always a plus. My tattoo table is extra large, with thick padding and can support up to 800 lbs for your ultimate comfort.

Do you take walk ins?  Appointment only.

How far out are you booked?   Being new here, I'm not sure how booked out I'll be. When I figure it out I'll update this section. Right now I'm in the client building stage again so there's a good chance the wait won't be long. Please reach out.  In Oregon I was booked out 6 months in advance.

Why is there a $150 deposit? I create your design before I see you. If for some reason you don't show up, the deposit covers the time I spent creating your design.  The deposit applies to the cost of your tattoo.  If your tattoo is $500 total, you would only pay $350 at the end of the appointment. I will subtract the deposit from the total.

Can I come for an in-person consult? No. After years in this business I have come to realize that it is easier and more efficient to consult via instagram or email. I will have all the information we discussed as well as any visual references you send all laid out in front of me.  I find this valuable when it's time to create your design.  

How does the consult work? We will discuss specifics of what you want. I'll ask questions in order to clarify.  If you have any visual references you'll be able to send those as well.  Once I understand your request I'll provide you with a time quote of how long it should take.  All quotes are approximations.  No time quote given is exact, as there are many factors that could potentially influence the length of a tattoo.  Once I give you a time quote, you can multiply that by my hourly rate ($175) to determine an approximate cost. Next we will discuss appointment dates.  You will select a date.  Once you have selected a date I will send you my deposit info.  You will be required to make the deposit ($150) in order to reserve the date you selected. 

Can you send me a drawing of my tattoo before the appointment? No. That is not part of my creative process at this time. Thank you for understanding.  You will see your design when you arrive and if you wish to tweak it, we will do so at that time.   

Can I bring snacks? Absolutely. It's good to keep your blood sugar up during a tattoo. I have candy and water bottles for you as well. 

How should I show up?  Well hydrated, well fed and sober.  Bring or wear clothing that supports your specific tattoo situation.  For example, if you are being tattooed on the upper thigh, bring a pair of loose fitting shorts that can easily roll up to expose your thigh.  

What will I need for aftercare?  Unscented liquid body soap and Aquaphor ointment.

What payment methods do you accept? Cash, Venmo and Zelle.

Do you offer gift certificates?  Yes.  In any amount you choose.  I can mail them to you as well.