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Hinterland Tattoo

by    Dylan    V.   Eckland 


All reviews are pulled directly from my Google listing and can be viewed there as well.

Google Listing and Reviews

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I’ve been going to Dylan for all of my pieces! He is quick, friendly, and very professional. He won’t disappoint with his art!


Amazing work and great detail. I highly recommend coming here if you are looking for a great tattoo from a great artist.


I will definitely be going back for more tattoos. Location was easy to fine and Dylan was ready for me as soon as I showed up. I enjoyed the calm atmosphere and chill music. He was quick and very fair on pricing. Thank you for the great work!!


I will definitely be going back for more tattoos. Location was easy to fine and Dylan was ready for me as soon as I showed up. I enjoyed the calm atmosphere and chill music. He was quick and very fair on pricing. Thank you for the great work!!


Dylan is a super talented guy! He conducted business professionally, he catered to all my needs and his work is supreme. Thank you again for leaving some of your beautiful art on me!


Dylan does an amazing job. His detailing is incredible!

I’ve gotten 6 tattoos from him, I highly recommend him, I know I’ll always go back to him.


He does amazing work! He transformed a piece of mine that was unfinished for 6 years. It’s amazing how talented he is and completely professional. Would recommend to anyone!


Multiple tattoos done by Dylan. Cool dude and super talented.


Quick response with clear communication. Clean and comfortable studio. Professional and great quality tattoo. 10/10 recommended I’ll definitely be back.


I went to Dylan to cover up a fairly large older tattoo I had. The design he created was absolutely stunning and covers the old tattoo perfectly! I was beyond happy with my overall experience at Hinterland tattoo and hope to return again someday very soon!


First let me start with this. I have waited months to have work done by Dylan. It was worth every second and dollar. I have spent years trying to find an artist with art and skill I fell in love with. This guy is hands down the best. His studio is flawless, clean, and extremely welcoming and professional and Covid safe. His tattooing skill is amazing. I got my throat done and I have a ton of ink this was by far the smoothest job ever. If you're looking for originality, perfection, and a promising tattoo you will never regret and will leave you coming back for more. This is the shop to be in. It's worth the wait. I'm already back on the books. I most definitely recommend 💯


Dylan does amazing work! Found him as I was scrolling through Instagram and I am so glad I did! My piece is everything I imagined and more! Very creative with his work! Highly recommend this artist! I will definitely go back for more!


Dylan is a great tattoo artist who I would always recommend to someone when asked. He’s very diligent in his work and he comes up with amazing ideas. I had him do a couple of tattoos and they both turned out fantastic! The healing process went smoothly and both tattoos are still vibrant and healthy. Waiting till last minute to see the tattoos brings no problems or stress because whatever Dylan brings to the table is always spot on.


I’m so glad to have found Dylan to complete my sleeve of Mandela’s! He’s an AMAZING Skilled Artist, great line work and shading was spot on. He’s made his studio very inviting and zen. I highly recommend him as he’s worth the wait!


Dylan is the real deal. Down to earth, professional and just an amazing artist. Thank you for the beautiful ink!


My name is Dan and I recently got referred to Dylan by my wife. The first tattoo they worked on together was a mandala on her face and it turned out absolutely brilliant. Finding someone who is technical, quick, and reliable is not always easy in the tattoo business. However I find Dylan is able to finesse all of these with ease. After seeing some more pieces I knew I’d be silly not to get some work done. I had been wanting a praying alien priestess with a bit of Dylan’s geometric symmetry. I was really happy because I didn’t want my original image changed too much and instead added to. I wanted to give him creative freedom as an artist but he understood what i was looking for and didn’t pressure me to change it. He added some awesome background content with different intersecting and overlapping line work. Needless to say we haven’t even finished coloring it and he has blown it out of the water far above my expectations. If you’re thinking about setting up and appointment just go ahead and make it happen.


Dylan is talented and precise on his lines and designs. He is laid back and easy to work and communicate with; very professional. I love both my tattoos by him! I drove over 3 hours to get tatted by him and would do it again.


Dylan is a wonderful tattoo artist! I’ve gotten multiple pieces done from him and they always turn out better than I could have imagined. I’ve gotten two face tattoos from him and I couldn’t be happier. If I had more room on my face I would have him do more. He’s a rad dude that does rad tattoos and he works really fast which is wonderful. He’s also very light handed and if you’ve had tattoos before you know how important this can be.


Dylan was communicative and professional. I absolutely love the work he did on my tattoo! He gave great insight and was willing to work with me until the design was just right. LGBTQIA+ friendly.

Would definitely recommend!


Dylan is a skilled professional in the arts of body ink. Very pleased with how everything ended up, my tattoo healed beautifully and will undoubtedly recommend to others. Totally worth the trip from north Washington.




Drove down from Seattle because I was amazed by Dylan’s work, and I’m glad I did. I spent hours trying to find an artist who’s work I resonated with.

I’ve gotten many compliments on the quality and detail of my tattoo. He’s extremely professional and a cool guy to spark up a conversation with! If I have future plans for building on my tattoo I will 100% be giving him my business.


Awesome tattoo experience. The studio is super clean and cozy. Dylan is a superb artist and easy to work with. You’re tattoo will be everything you envisioned and more. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment, his calendar fills up fast!


Very responsive and nice. Took breaks when I needed it and the tattoo came out amazing. Got two tats by my man Dylan and I love em both. If you need some good quality tats, hittup @dveckland_tattoo.


I got a tattoo from Dylan a month or two ago and couldn't be happier with it. The design was much better than anything I had in mind. He is very quick to reply and extremely helpful with any questions or concerns you may have. His private studio is located in a beautiful quiet area with an incredible drive from any direction. He works very fast but very carefully with great attention to detail. I will most definitely be going back as soon as possible!


In the last three years I have trusted several artists to do work for me and Dylan is by far the most talented and professional of them all. His vision for the art and his precision in executing is second to none. He worked very closely with me to make sure he fully understood the concepts I had in mind and the final products well exceeded expectations. The business is ran well, the environment is comfortable and the conversation is always great. I highly recommend you choose Dylan for any piece you’re looking to have done, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed!


Have been going to Dylan for a sleeve over the last couple years he is friendly and precise with his work highly recommend his art speaks for itself!


Got a memorial piece for my sister. Awesome line work, love how it turned out. Highly recommend!

--S. H.--

Dylan is a talented artist, no doubt. The tattoo I had done turned out exactly as I had hoped. I ended up going back for a second one, and that turned out excellent as well. All around, just a great experience. Working with Dylan is easy and straightforward. I don't hesitate to recommend Dylan when anyone asks who did my tattoos. I'll be returning to Dylan for my future tattoo needs.


Great experience getting tattooed here. If you are looking for a dedicated artist that handles everything very professionally this is the spot. Runs a very clean shop and repeatedly checked to make sure I was comfortable. Definitely will see him again.


Dylan is exceptional! I'm so happy I chose him to do my first tattoo. From scheduling, designing, and the actual tattoo, it was all such a smooth experience. The piece that he tattooed holds such important meaning since it's of me and my dog, he was even willing to incorporate a small bit of her ashes into the tattoo ink for me. I legitimately could not have had a better experience than the one I had with Dylan.


My experience with Dylan has always been phenomenal. He carries himself in a professional manner and makes sure I am satisfied with the work he’s done, which keeps me coming back! Thank you Hinterland Tattoo for the positive tattoo experience!


Dylan’s work is solid. Nice smooth lines, intricate designs, and works very quickly. Would absolutely get another tattoo from hinterland studios!


Got an awesome piece done on my leg! My favorite artist, the design and detail was amazing! Super talented artist.


This dude is awesome! Went on NFL Wild Card Saturday, and started the game on the table, and he was done by the third quarter, didn't even feel it. Also he's a nerd so that's a plus. He also gives you candy.


My best tattoo experience yet. Dylan is an amazing artist, which is why I went there in the first place. I gave him a rough idea what I wanted and he created a beautiful design. He’s super nice, professional and has a clean studio. Will go there again.


From start to finish Dylan was extremely professional and kind. Not only did I get an amazing tattoo, he was extremely personable. My fiancé and I got tattoos together and provided Dylan with and idea but asked him to put his own twist on it (his style is super cool) and he went above and beyond out expectations!! I definitely would recommend him and actually have to couple people! Thank you Dylan for my amazing/beautiful tattoo! I will be coming to you for more work! 


One of my favorite artists to work with! Dylan is kind, professional, and incredible at his craft. His portfolio is diverse and you can see the hard work that has gone into every piece.

My work from Dylan has many solid straight lines and small details. Every inch is carefully worked and creates stunning tattoos that are readable from across a room. I feel very at ease working with someone that loves what he does and is excellent at it.

I've reccomended multiple friends here and they've loved their artwork as well. Happy to return for my next tattoos!


I made an appointment four months in advanced, I’m a soldier getting ready to deploy and he has been super accommodating so I can finish my tattoo before I leave. His so professional and his family is great. I had to bring My daughter to my appointment and his family was super sweet to her and it was five hour appointment. It was difficult with a young child but his family played with her. Plus his work is literally the best and worth the wait and money. I am finishing my sleeve and plan on coming back after deployment.


Dylan is hands down one of the best tattoo artist I’ve come across! So happy with all the work I’ve gotten from him. 10/10 would recommend.


Dylan is the best in the biz!


I drove a few hours to get a sleeve started with Dylan, and it was well worth the trip. We had discussed my ideas on Instagram, and the piece he came up with was so beautiful. He was attentive to the minor changes that I wanted to make. I was also very nervous because I’d never sat that long for a tattoo before, but his hand was so light that it was a relatively painless 6 hours! His studio was very clean and his family came in to say hello and were super friendly. I’m going back to him to get the rest of the sleeve done and very much looking forward to the process. Overall an awesome experience.


I have gotten multiple tattoos by Dylan and every time he blows me away with how he is able to take my vision and make it come to life. I receive so many compliments on the work done by him and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to get a tattoo. Plus he right by the coast so it’s an awesome way to make a fun day trip.


I have been going to Dylan for a few years now, he has done an entire sleeve for me and will be working on my leg sleeve next. He is ALWAYS professional and my ink heals amazing every time. He's fast at what he does yet able to pay attention to the small details in the piece! The shop is clean and comfortable as well. He will be my artist for years to come!


Dylan is AMAZING! I had a very sentimental tattoo that I needed done, but being a black person, I needed someone who knew how to make colors pop on dark skin. I was very hesitant to get work done until I found Dylan. I sent him what I wanted and my concern and he took them into account as he prepped for my tattoo!

When I showed up, I was impressed with the space and professionalism. He had the tattoo printed and we went over location and color options! Once I was on the table, I was impressed with his skills as I did not have pain at all! He was gentle yet precise and the final product was better than I could have ever expected! I already have my next tattoo booked and I have many other ideas for the near future!

 Definitely go to Hinterland will NOT be disappointed!


Dylan is AMAZING. 10/10 recommend. Dylan has done 5 of my tattoos which is the beginnings of a sleeve. They are all exactly how I pictured them in my head and have turned out perfectly every time. If you are looking for clean lines and beautiful shading he’s your guy.


I think I searched around for almost a year to get a geometric sleeve done as well as it being my first tattoo done. Most artist I found specializing in this type of artistry were primarily in NYC and after following Dylan for awhile and chatting with him of what I wanted I took the leap to get my first tattoo by him. I've had 3 sessions with him now (and more to come!) and each visit is always great. Im def more introverted and get a tad of anxiety with new people but Dylan is super easy going, calming, talked me through the process and listened. I've had several people stop me to look at my tattoo and several compliments and being in a city like Portland where everyone has tattoos its nice to stand out and get compliments on my sleeve.


Dylan is incredible. He’s done 6 of my 11 pieces and every time he leaves me speechless. I tell him what I want, show him a few pictures and tell him to do his magic; he has never let me down. I’m in Beaverton and he’s in Seaside and let me tell you he’s more than worth the drive. His studio is super clean and the environment is so relax, I’m definitely lucky to have found such an amazing artist.


Dylan is an amazing artist, by far the best in Seaside OR. His work speaks for itself. He is so professional and polite. He's very focused, quick and light handed.

One thing to note is that his books fill up fast so plan ahead. He is well worth the wait and the drive to Seaside Oregon. 10/10 recommend. He's the best.


I got tattooed by Dylan and he was the best!! He took the concept of what I wanted and turned it into the most stunning piece of artwork I have ever seen.


 I got tattooed by Dylan! I love his work! He gave me everything I asked for and more into my design. He works fast and is very easy to talk to. He's so talented, go check him out! He made a boring tattoo originally and turned into something beautiful. Love my new tat! Highly recommend seeing Dylan!


I  traveled from Seattle for a tattoo with Dylan and it was time and money so well spent! Dylan is sooo talented! Check out his work on Instagram! I honestly have not seen work like his before and am soo stoked with how my memorial tattoo of my dads guitar came out! Super bold colors, amazing design and geographic print!!!!! Plus super nice guy. I recommend 100%!!!!!


Just got the start of my sleeve with Dylan. He did an absolutely amazing job putting my idea into a sleeve and His execution was above and beyond what I was looking for. Can't wait to get the rest finished!!!


This is a great place to get any Tattoo.  I’m happy to have chosen Dylan Eckland as my artist (see his work on Instagram @dveckland_tattoo), he was the man! This was my first tattoo & I literally sent him a picture of a tattoo I liked online, told him what imagery I wanted, boom! I showed up and it was virtually perfect. Even a very very small change to the art work, he did in minutes and it was better than I expected, and my brother recommended Dylan, so I had High expectations. He was able to put what’s been in my mind for 10+yrs on to my body, & there are no words for the gratitude I have for that. Now I don’t just have scares from heart surgeries...but now I have art too. Thank you, I would recommend him to absolutely anyone!


Got my first tattoo today and I am super happy with it! Dylan Eckland was super understanding and knew exactly what style I was shooting for.


My first tattoo was done by Dylan. He was great at explaining the process and did amazing shade work and line work on my fox tattoo. He paid extra attention to the little details and I'm very very happy with how it turned out.


I’ve gotten two tattoos by Dylan. He’s done an amazing job on each of them and has been awesome to work with! His work is clean and meticulous and his style is one of a kind. Would highly recommend Dylan!


Dylan is so awesome amazing line work and detail! So grateful I found him!!


Dylan is working on completing my sleeve! He’s tattooed three pieces on me thus far! He’s freakin awesome! Makes the whole process so comfortable and easy & on top of that he has amazing line work! I found him off of Instagram- very glad I did! I love the geometric masterpiece he’s creating on my arm!


My Husband and I went to see Dylan to get some custom anniversary tattoos. We could not be happier with the results! He was able to come up with designs that perfectly captured what we were going for, in his own style (which is why we wanted to go to him in the first place), and he was very easy to work with on-site when it came to minor change requests (which were few). His execution was excellent, and he answered all of the questions we had. Generally just a cool laid back person as well. So glad we made the trip!


Great artist and friendly! Dylan Eckland did fantastic work! Highly recommend 10/10, will be coming back in the future!


Been tattooed by Dylan twice and highly recommend. His work is incredible, fair pricing, and he’s a really chill guy.


Dylan Eckland was mine and my boyfriends artist, he did an amazing and thorough job on both pieces and we could not be happier with them! I definitely would recommend Dylan specifically because he is so kind and patient and very fun to work with!


Dylan is by far the best artist I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. The work that he does absolutely blows me away every time. He’s super professional, has a very gentle touch, and really tries to make sure that you’re comfortable throughout the entire process. He is very easy to work with and does a great job of accomplishing the vision that you’re trying to achieve.   I’ve been tattooed by him twice now and can honestly say that of all of my tattoos, his are hands down my favorite. Both times now he has far exceeded my expectations. Seriously I can’t recommend him enough!!


Dylan was awesome! He made the entire process so easy and comfortable. He's got a very gentle hand and an amazing eye with art! Easy to talk to and great conversation! I would absolutely recommend this place.


Dylan is my artist and he did an amazing job! I would definitely recommend him even if you have to drive a bit to get there. He had the lightest touch and was friendly and open to what I wanted. My friend and I both went in at the same time and both tattoos turned out amazing. Definitely worth checking out if you're in the market. The drive  was worth it!


Dylan Eckland just did my first tattoo today. Its my own unskilled drawing with but with special meaning, in what I've been told is a sensitive spot. Certainly a private location.. He did a wonderful job perfecting my angles. It didn't hurt a bit. Other artists had quoted me 1.5 hrs. He was done in about 30 min. Was very professional about keeping me appropriately covered while getting the job done. For my sacred geometry, I am so glad I chose him!


Dylan did a great job.


The most professionalism, flexibility, and patience ever seen D. Eckland it's dropping some cutting edge illusions.