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Hinterland Tattoo‚Äč

by    Dylan    V.   Eckland 

My Story

I grew up in Oregon.  I've always loved to draw, play guitar, and skate.  After leaving music production school, I decided to focus on my drawing and enter into tattoo school.  There I found my true passion as I began to discover my own style and talent.  For many years I developed my craft, working in a shop outside of Portland.  In December 2020 I decided to take the plunge and open up my own private studio.  Thus, Hinterland was born. 

When I'm not tattooing and designing I enjoy walks on the beach with my wife, two kids and golden retrievers.  I have two spoiled cats that require loads of attention.  Going out to eat, driving go carts, enjoying the river, hiking, skating, and playing guitar are activities I am fond of.  I tend to be very handy and spend most of my free time doing home improvement projects.  

The  Artist

Dylan  V. Eckland